3D Printer Calibration 3D Printer Calibration 3D Printer Calibration 3D Printer Calibration

3D Printer Calibration

Author name: harty911

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I created this thing instead the standard 20x20 calibration cube, in order to:

  • detect and calibrate axis scaling issue (like the 20x20 boxe)
  • detect and calibrate axis offset issue (it's why I created10x10 and 20x20 boxes together)
  • By the way I was able to correct the cooling: parameters and adding a custom cooling tube.
  • The small 6mm cylinder, surface and letters quality can help to tune the Extruder flow.

After some adjustments, like shown on picture : the "AFTER" printed quality was realy better than the "BEFORE" one ... however the "AFTER" was printed at 0.2mm layer vs 0.1mm for the firstone...

I received my ANET A8 last week ... I'm now ready to print (accuratelly) usefull Things !

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