Advanced Mod Kit for 1/10 RC Vehicles Advanced Mod Kit for 1/10 RC Vehicles

Advanced Mod Kit for 1/10 RC Vehicles

Author name: Meadeor

Source site: thingiverse

License type: General Public License, others

Category: Other

Reference to source: Advanced Mod Kit for 1/10 RC Vehicles


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This is a compiled project I have been working on for a while. LOADS of custom parts like lightbars, suspension upgrades and roll cages. This was designed for a Kyosho nitro RC car but are transferable to electric RC too.


Most of the non-printed parts I just had lying about but I've included links in case you need them.

The suspension system is pretty universal but I used normal 1/10 scale 98mm shock absorbers. ( )

As for the lights, I used LED strips from Maplin ( )

t Settings


Tronxy X8


Doesn't Matter


Doesn't Matter






Infill density depends on the parts. Suspension stuff needs to be almost solid but the light bars not so much.

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