Arrow Holder (for Miniature Compound Bow) Arrow Holder (for Miniature Compound Bow)

Arrow Holder (for Miniature Compound Bow)

Author name: truglodite

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Holds [email protected] arrows of diameter ~3.5-5.5mm (freecad file provided if your arrows are a different size). This is not really a remix, but an accessory for the Mini Compound Bow designed by DonStick3l... Don thanks for the wonderful design!:

It is secured to the bow riser with the bolts that hold the string guide part. If your existing bolts are >=2mm 'too long' they will work; otherwise you'll need some longer bolts. The lower non-counter bored holes are just there for clearance in case your arrow guide bolts are too long (like mine).

I printed mine in PETG and it has a solid grip on my 5-5.5m skewer arrows. Not sure if PLA is too stiff or not. Someone please post a comment if you print it in PLA (or other materials besides PETG) and it works well.

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I designed the clip walls 1.35mm thick to work with a 0.45mm wall width (0.4mm nozzle). The print takes ~25min with my recommended settings.

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