Modular Ant Neighbors Modular Ant Neighbors Modular Ant Neighbors Modular Ant Neighbors

Modular Ant Neighbors

Author name: smokydastona

Source site: thingiverse

License type: General Public License, others

Category: Other

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i read somewhere that if you put 2 different ant colonies in close proximity but stop them from fighting eventually they will begin to believe that they are all one colony... so i remixed this to have a screen to allow air flow but still divide the 2 colonies to attempt to test this theory.

The idea is to connect two modular Formicas side by side, as well as connect them with cross adapter to make them pass each other on there way to their out worlds. then after a month or (probably 2) remove the dividers.

ps. i plan on only having 1 queen or none to keep it simple

Update: I Added some Stop plates with grates for those who might want more air flow

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