Printrbot Play Z Wobble Stopper Printrbot Play Z Wobble Stopper Printrbot Play Z Wobble Stopper

Printrbot Play Z Wobble Stopper

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This is designed to reduce or eliminate wobble in the Play Z Screw. After using this for a few prints try pulling it up away from the Z Screw. The screw should go to running true after this is used for a while. You will lose about 3/8" (9.5mm) of your Z travel while you are using this. The trade off is you should see reduced Z wobble in your prints. This should only need to be used for a short time to get your Z screw running straight and true

So far my screw looks to be running straight with it in place. It puts just a bit of pressure on the screw and I hear screw creaking as it runs. But this should get better as it wears in. Depending on your printer and filament you may have to open the hole for the screw some with a drill bit. you want it to slip on without too much force but you do not want it real loose either. The print is set at 6.5mm for the screw, I used a 6.5mm bit which works well.

Version #4. Final version.

This was printed on my Printrbot Play AIO (All In One) printer. It has a 10" Windows 10 Tablet mounted to it. It can run CURA 15.x,.x Repetier 1.6.x, Matter Control and 3D builder. It is limited to 32 bit software. It can run Sketchup 2016. You can use a True Bluetooth mouse and keyboard for better control. This printer also has an extended bed. The bed was made from a cut down Printrbot Simple metal bed and provides 7 5/8" (194mm) of Y. The Z Wobble Stopper can be printed on a stock play printer.

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